by Christina

Every year before school began, my mother used to take my brother and I out to purchase school supplies, clothing and make sure to get us both a fresh new haircut. As a child I absolutely detested the tasks, yet as an adult I find myself nostalgic this time of year and crave some sort of change and fresh start.

I decided to spend my weekend cleaning out my entire closet, ridding all of the items I have not worn through the year. Purging my makeup and skincare, making sure to throw away all expired product (IMPORTANT!) and even took a trip to Staples purchasing some new office items to freshen up the office. With most of my "Prepare for fall" tasks checked off my list, one still remained: Haircut

Now, I tend to toss around the idea of chopping my hair pretty regularly, yet never go through with it (okay, I did once, and absolutely loved it...yet doing it again is just a big of deal for some reason...clearly im nuts) The thought of cutting the long waves that took all summer to grow freaks me out. Though a haircut is just a haircut, and it grows back, I am still left undecided.

I decided to scower Pintrest for some hair inspiration and found some gorgeous cuts perfect for fall. Whether or not I go through with any of the styles is yet to be determined, but I thought i'd share in case any of you are tossing around the same idea.