by Christina

I've added 12 pounds to my petite 5'1, 105 pound frame this past year. In retrospect, i'd love to blame that weight gain on my husband and his love of late night In and Out, Hugo's Taco's and other delicious "I shouldn't be eating this" treats. I see what he's eating and simply give in to temptation (I should mention my husband is a 5'11 stick regardless of this junk he indulges in. He never gains a pound. Yeah...I hate him) Yet it was all me and my lack of motivation that put me in this position.

Fed up with my shape and in major need of a change, I scoured the internet in search of a new fitness studio and work out routine. At the time, I had a gym membership but felt I needed something fresh and unique that would keep my interest. I came across Lotus Kitty a spin/yoga studio conveniently located in the neighborhood of Studio City...only minutes from my home. I have always wanted to take up spinning...many of my girlfriends swear by it, with some saying it's a "religious experience the moment you get on that bike." I didn't understand what they ment until the next day when I found myself in a packed class, sweating, panting and fighting the need to vomit for a 50 minute spin session. I put my head down and just went for it, focusing on the music, the instructors cues and the intensity of the workout. By the time I had finished, I felt like I had just endured a therapy session. All my stress of the day melted away, I felt powerful, strong and on my way to a healthy lifestyle. I bought an unlimited monthly package on the spot.

Two months later, I am 7 pounds lighter and feeling like myself again. I've got only a few pounds to go until I reach my ideal weight but am thankful for what I have achieved thus far. In addition to weight loss, I am much happier, more calm and balanced. My skin has had a wonderful glow to it and the whites of my eyes are bright (a true sign of good health). My schedule is a balance between spin/yoga, spin/sculpting and yoga classes 5-6 times a week. I also eat clean and only allow myself a cheat day every so often.

The staff at Lotus Kitty are truly wonderful, each and every instructor is motivating, quick to fix your technique and eager to give wonderful advice about weight loss and toning up. The studio is warm, friendly and and not pretentious in the least bit. I absolutely love that in addition to spin, they offer yoga to keep your mind clear and muscles long and lean after such an intensive spinning session (which tends to shorten your muscles.) If you live in the LA area, you simply must stop in and try a class. I am such a die hard fan now and am anxious to get back after a month off due to surgery recovery.

If your curious about indoor cycling, my advice would be just experience it. Walk in, saddle up, put your head down and just spin! Due to the intensity of the class, it may not be your cup of tea the first few times but I assure you after a few weeks you will feel wonderful. If you have tried a class before or are considering it, please share in the comments below, i'd love to hear your thoughts!

All images via Lotus Kitty Facebook Fanpage