by Christina

Remember my recent post covering the Sojourn/Salon DNA event? Well, it's been a few weeks since I had been using the products and I must say, I am just as passionate about it now if not more so after a few weeks worth of use. Here's a rundown of everything I have been using:

Shampoo & Conditioner, Moisture: All Sojourn products are made up of a special blend of protein rich Keratin cashmere and Cystine which is used to penetrate essential amino acids deep into the hair's cuticle. This prevents breakage and smoothes your hair all while maintaining a healthy pH level. The shampoo and conditioner certainly did just that. After only a few shampoo's my usual frizzy, course, color treated hair felt lighter, smoother and much more manageable. I was shocked to see how great the condition of it was even before I got out of the shower, it's an instant result!

Leave in Detangler: My favorite product in the bunch, hands down. When I apply this product to my hair, I find myself having the same realization over and over again "How have I not invested in this detangler before!?" Seriously, a few sprays of this on damp hair and your hair feels like buttah (ok, bad analogy-butter and hair should never be used in the same sentence) This product smoothes out all the snarls and tangles with one quick spritz, while extra UV protection shields hair from sun damage.

Thermal Protection Straightener: My stylist at the Sojourn event taught me to spritz this product into my hand and then apply onto hair due to it's thicker texture and I must say, it was a brilliant trick. I've been using this after every shampoo to seal in the hair cuticle and protect my hair against any heat damage and I am really liking it. It's quickly taken the top spot in my beauty closet for heat protection products!

Firm Hold Working Spray: I tend to stray away from using hairspray unless it's absolutely necessary. The  straw-like feel and instant tangles always put me off to it. I admit, I was skeptic that any hairspray could leave your hair soft and smooth but after an entire day out and about (in 90 degree NY weather mind you) Sojourn's spray had kept my waves looking perfectly tousled and surprisingly frizz free

It's safe to say my love affair with Sojourn will continue to grow. I love the fact that it's an effective line with instant results and that keeps hair healthy, pH balanced and color locked in! If you have not tried the line yet, I highly suggest you do! Any questions about the line? feel free to drop me an email!