by Christina

Hot off the heels of a wonderful two week NY vacation, My hot orange gel manicure is looking anything but glamorous. In my opinion, the only downfall to gel's (besides the harmful UV exposure, which is why I only do it for special occasion or vaca) is the grow out period, everything else about them is fantastic!

Too lazy to go to the salon for removal, I pondered the idea of filling in the gap where grow out is happening with a similar OPI orange hue, but opted out in fear of making my nails appear worse. Recently on my Pinterest account, I pinned a fabulous manicure in which a hot orange and shimmering gold polish was used. As I glanced at the image, I thought to myself "why not try this, but reverse the mani into a half moon style?" Genius.

The technique is quite simple as the gaps between your cuticle and where the polish begin give you a perfect guideline. I could have done another accent color than what was seen in the Pinterest picture, but decided to stick with a shimmering gold polish, "West End London" by Butter London to be exact.

Since the gap is not very large, do not swipe your brush through for application. That was mistake number one, the brush was getting the polish all over the place and not staying within the guidelines. Attempt number two worked much better, as I tapped the brush onto my bare nail, creating a half moon shape. For an extra punch of color, I went over the area twice using the same technique.

While the polish was not quite dry, I took an old concealer brush (q-tip works great as well) and dipped into some non acetone solution to clean up any sloppy looking areas and viola! A fresh looking summer mani that will make my gel's last at least another week!