Real VS Steal: Brush Wars!

by Christina

Most reactions to the famed Mason Pearson brush involve a slight mouth drop when noticing the price. What makes this tiny Boar bristle and nylon brush so mighty you ask? It does not just smooth out the hair, it actually cleans, stimulates the scalp, and enhance shine. This brush should never be used on wet hair though, as it will cause the boar bristles to break down (not to mention, wide tooth comb is always best) This thing also has staying power, I've got girlfriends who swear by the brush and one that has owned hers for 8 years now. Not a bad investment for such a major brush! 

Though, not everyone cannot afford the fabulousness that is the Mason Pearson brushes or simply just do not want to drop that kind of cash,  the good news is that there are many duplicates. Word on the street (glamour street, that is) is that BrushLab's Black Label line of brushes are not only very simular in looks but also in performance! For $19 it's a steal, and can be found online at the link below or at your local Ulta!

 Mason Pearson, BrushLab Black Label Small