by Christina


In need of some new makeup brushes but can't afford the high price tag? What's a gal on a budget to do? ELF (which stands for Eyes Lips Face) has produced affordable yet high quality brushes with prices ranging from $3-$5! No, you didn't read that wrong....seriously $3 for a makeup brush! When I first got my hands on them, I have to admit I was skeptic. Once I felt how soft the brushes were and more importantly how well they worked with makeup application, I was sold!

When compared to several MAC brushes, the quality and texture is quite similar. MAC brushes are still an investment piece which I highly recommend, but for a quick fix while saving up some cash to splurge on the real deal, ELF is a great way to go. My picks are the Complexion Brush and the Small Smudge Brush

Head to your local Target to see for yourself, or purchase online at ELF's website