Obsessing over: Suave Dry Shampoo

by Christina

Simply put....Dry shampoo's are brilliant. Anything that allows me to get away with 1-2 more days of not shampooing and styling my hair is a staple in my beauty regime. I've tried several dry shampoo's over the years, and I must say Suave has certainly sky rocketed to the top of my list!

The easy to blend in formula will only run you around $3.50 a bottle! Not to mention it's a 5oz can, so your really getting your money's worth. The scent is citrusy, and clean and the results are fabulous! Not only did it absorb the oil in my hair, it also boosted the volume big time....double score!

So step away from the overpriced $25 can of dry shampoo (invest that money you save into a few cute spring lipcolors!) my friends and make the switch to an affordable and fabulous product....you wont be disappointed!