New on the Beauty Queen Scene: LashDip!

by Christina

Have your lashes been dipped? The question definitely grabs your attention, no? Well, it certainly did mine...and when I first heard about it, I was so intrigued I knew I had to learn more. Turns out, LashDip is the future of eyelash enhancement and here is why:

Lash Dip is a semi-permanent lash coat that gives your lashes the bold look of mascara with half the hassle. One application of the water resistant formula adds curl, volume, length and can last up to six whole weeks! Costing between $200-$300 per initial application, the results look fabulous and with no risk of damage to your original lashes, who wouldn't want to get "LashDipped?!" Check out the LashDip Website for more information, pictures and for a list of salons in your area!