by Christina

April showers certainly bring May flowers, to which they also bring some fabulous new products to swoon over as the weather gets warm. Here are just a few of the many new products I am loving this month:

Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara: Always in search of a new staple mascara, I came across a rather new brand, Eyeko, and it was love at first "swipe" to say the least. Eyeko is quite new to the US, hailing from the UK, where it holds the crown as the fastest growing mascara brand (and one of the UK's biggest sensations, Adele's favorite!) Free of all sulfates, synthetic dyes and GMO's, the innovative mascara conditions lashes with a power packed mix of a Pro-Vitamin formula consisting of: Montmorrillonite which is a natural clay with restorative properties, Bees wax/Caranauba wax which aids in smooth application, leaving lashes flexible and of course Hydrogenated Rapeseed Oil to soften and strengthen. My favorite part? The packaging is a squeezy tube in which you can get every last drop of product out, brilliant!

Indie Lee's The Moisturizing Oil in Vanilla Citrus: Organic and natural beauty is something that has always been a large priority to me, even more so after witnessing my Father's cancer battle. What we put onto our bodies is just as important as what we put in it and harmful toxins in our beauty products can do no good. Over the course of the past few months, I found myself researching unique, holistic and all natural cosmetic brands, which led me to discovering the wonderfully inspirational line, Indie Lee. Indie has gone through many of her own struggles, as she awoke from brain surgery to discover that a potentially fatal tumor had been successfully removed. Having learned that environmental toxins may have been the culprits, she has dedicated her life to a new way of living and her products are a reflection of this. The Moisturizing Oil is one of my many obsessions from the line, the sweet scent, light, non greasy texture and main ingredient, Jojoba oil whose natural properties are closest to your skin’s sebum oil, make this my choice pick for the way I choose to hydrate my skin. I simply love the sexy glow it gives my body!

 Youngblood Cosmetics Lipstick in "Tangelo": Simply put, you need this lipstick in your life! More specifically for the Spring and Summer season. Youngblood, a brand I have favored for quite some time, has truly raised the bar with not only the formulation of this product, but the bold, intense color as well. The lanolin-free formula contains a special blend of natural oils and vitamins which keeps your lips fresh and gorgeous for hours. I have never seen so much versatility with one color in quite a long time. I've applied this shade on many friends, of many different ethnicities, hair colors and skin tones and it has looked flawless on every single one of them. Don't be intimidated by the bold color, use this to dab on the lips for a sheer lip stained look or amp up the volume with a similar toned lip liner and full application of this lipstick. Check out my Facebook or Instagram (beautyqueencm) for pictures of me rocking the shade.