by Christina

In this week's edition of Makeup Envy, I can't help but lust over Vanessa Hudgen's gorgeous glowing and dewy skin! Think her recent single status has anything to do with it? Or the fact that she is currently working it in beautiful France at the Cannes Film Festival? Possibly....but with just a few simple tricks and one great product, you can have the same red carpet glow. 

MAC Strobe Cream should do the trick. It's lightweight, pearlized finish leaves just the right amount of glow without it leaving you looking like a disco ball. 

To try this look: Blend a dime size into your foundation and apply, or apply directly on the areas of the face you would like to highlight right after your foundation application (before any powders or blush!) I recommend a light, fluffy brush like Sephora's Airbrush Foundation Brush for the most natural finish. Apply in light, circular strokes... this will mimic an "Airbrushed" flawless finish.

Are you loving this fresh look?