by Christina

Ever have those pleasure moments growing up when you were a kid? Whether it be freshly baked cookies waiting for you when you arrived home from school, holidays with family, or your childhood pet smothering you with kisses? One of mine used to be playing out in the snow all day with my older brother in chilly chilly Buffalo NY. When I would arrive home, my mother would draw me a bath to warm me back up and hand me a cup of hot cocoa to enjoy once I was finished bathing.

Every year when the weather turns cold, I now find myself craving hot showers and baths (and of course hot cocoa too...with a little Bailey's in it...ah the joys of being an adult) As much as I enjoy them, I've tried to wein myself from doing it so often. Here's why: the heat from the water may be great for warming you up when it gets chilly outside, but it's a nightmare for drying out your scalp and body. Hot water sucks the hydration out of our bodies, leaving us with chaffing/peeling skin and dandruff. If you absolutely love taking hot showers like me, here's a few tips to keep you hydrated (and toasty) this winter:

-Moisturize within minutes of stepping out of the shower. Most think the best time to hydrate is after your skin is dried off....wrong. The prime time to lather on facial mositurizers and body lotions is when your skin is still slightly damp. Your body absorbs the product better and in turn you end up using less product then you normally would!

-Choose a hydrating formula in both your shampoo and body wash. For the winter, I absolutely love using Dove's Deep Moisture Body Wash. For shampoo, stick to brands without sulfates as that will add to drying your scalp out. Sojourn is my go to products for hair care, check out my review on them here.

-Argan Oil is my best kept secret to smooth, soft skin...especially in the winter months. I mix a few drops into my body lotion, rub into my cuticles and layer on top of my moisturizer for added hydration. Argan oil is also an excellent preventative treatment for aging skin.

-Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!! Though we are taking preventive measures in keeping our skin from drying, you are still bound to have a few dead, dry skin cells on the skin's surface. Exfoliating  will help products absorb better, give you a smoother appearance and prevent the signs of aging as well.