by Christina

Last week I had the pleasure of joining some fellow bloggers at an event hosted by Laser Away. We were treated to a procedure of our choice: Laser hair removal, Botox or Juvederm along with a beautiful spread of treats, delicious food and drinks. I'm not quite ready for the "BO" (botox) or any other injectables so I opted for a laser treatment instead.

My experience was a rather pleasant one. Though this was not my first time getting laser hair removal (I've had 2 treatments total) The nurse still made me feel totally comfortable, talking me through the entire procedure from start to finish, answering any questions I had. The entire procedure took 15 minutes at most, I was in and out in a flash!

In the treatment room! Unfortunately, You can't take the fashionable glasses with you. Damn.

When I tell people I've had laser, most reactions are "Does it hurt!?!" and I will admit, it definitely does. Everyone's pain tolerance is different...but for me, it's no easy walk in the park. Though the experience may be painful, the result of never having to shave or wax a particular area again  certainly outweighs the bad. After 2 laser hair removal sessions, I have already seen good amount of reduction in hair growth in my underarms and I plan to continue the treatment until im bare.

If your thinking about the procedure, here's some basic facts to know:

-It's not a one time deal, 6 treatments or more are needed to fully remove all hair from an area.

-If you are going to undergo laser hair removal, it's best to do in fall/winter since your chances of being exposed to the sun are lower. You cannot laser when your skin has been exposed in the sunlight 10 days prior to treatment, and 2 days post.

-Though the procedure can be costly, the amount of money spent waxing or on shaving supplies per year adds up all the same. For me, I would rather spend my money in one lump sum and part ways with my waxer once and for all.

-Waxing temporarily removes hair, as where laser will permanently remove all hair in the desired area.

-You have to pay a visit every 4-6 weeks (depending on the area) for each treatment session.

-Scared of the pain? Laser Away like most hair removal companies provides numbing cream if needed.

Mixing and mingling before our treatments

If you live in California and are interested in laser hair removal or any other procedure such as tattoo removal and injections, give Laser Away a call. They are truly the best in the business, have the most high quality up to date machines and are all around nice, genuine people. Thanks to Jen from MyBeautyBunny and the wonderful team at Laser Away, I had a blast :)