Golden on the go

by Christina

Want a quick and affordable way to freshen up your look this spring?

Try this: Create instant highlights by adding gold body paint to your hair! This adds dimension and warmth without having to drop big bucks at the salon, and less of a commitment since it's only temporary. Perfect for the on the go girl who loves to change up her style often!

Check out the always gorgeous Kim Kardashian at this year's Grammy's, her hairstylist used the product to give her hair an instant golden glow. Try Mehron's ultra fine metallic powder and mixing liquid to achieve the look!

How to: Simply choose the pieces of hair you would like to accentuate, mix the product accordingly and and be sure to apply the paint with the correct brushes for an even application. I favor the chisel brush for more thin highlights and the signature body brush for a more chunkier look. Wash with a clarifying shampoo to get the product out.

Happy Painting!