by Christina

I consider myself tough to please when it comes to skincare products. I set the bar high and if a product does not meet my expectations, it will not receive my final stamp of approval. Years of working in the cosmetic industry has made me this way, witnessing client after client frustration (and my own!) with products that promise big results yet fail to deliver. With that said, I am always eager to try the latest products and give skincare companies feedback in order to improve the selection for us everyday consumers!

Cellnique recently contacted me asking to do just that and I could not have been more thrilled! I've heard so many wonderful things about the brand and product line. After two weeks of use, I must say...I am thoroughly impressed.

If I could sum up my experience with Cellnique products with one word, it would be "Luxury". The products gave me instant results, leaving my skin brighter, softer and glowing. I felt as though I was applying a luxurious $500 product to my face only available to the elite...though that certainly isn't the case. Cellnique is reasonably priced and available to many locations across the globe.

Here's a breakdown of my favorite Cellnique products that were sent: 

 Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion

Active ingredients: Perilla Extract, Vitamins C & E

Product Description: Specially designed to repair damaged cells and promote healing process, this formulation protects all skin types including sensitive skin from environment aggressions and provides relief to dry and dehydrated skin conditions.

The Verdict: My skin felt brighter, and much softer within 3 days of application. The product smelled great, and the texture is nice and light..perfect for the summer months ahead!

Total Daytime Protection 30

Active Ingredients: Green Tea & Grape Seed Extract

Product Description: This ultra-light, skin-friendly UV ray protection blocks UVA and UVB from harming your skin at SPF 30 and PA+++. It’s not greasy, non-comedogenic formulation is enhanced with Grape Seed and Green Tea Leaf extracts to act as powerful free radical scavengers.

The Verdict: Overall a great daily moisturizer, After just once use my skin felt softer and more hydrated. The texture is nice and light, and blended seamlessly into my skin. My only dislike was the smell, a bit too perfumy for me but I quickly got used to the scent.

Intensive Hydrating Silk Masque

Active Ingredients: Sodium PCA, Hexapeptide-8 & Acerola Fruit Extract

Product Description: This multi-property sheet masque intensely hydrates, moisturizes and regenerates skin from within, leaving it dewy-soft, youthful and supple. It is also fortified with anti-aging properties to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Enjoy a truly pampering experience after single application.

My Take: It felt as though I was getting a pricey spa treatment at was that luxurious and relaxing! After 30 minutes, I felt refreshed, my skin was soft and hydrated and I was glowing. Only downfall? I scared the hell out of my husband when I walked into our living room with the mask on...ha!

Intensive Soothing & Hydrating Masque

 Active Ingredients: Witch Hazel Extract, Aloe Vera & Horse Chestnut Extract

Product Description: Achieve instant hydration and suppleness with this soothing and hydrating gel masque, ideal for sunburned, irritated or reddened skin. It can be used daily to restore healthy skin tone, and impart a luminous glow.

The Verdict: I absolutely loved this mask! Perfect to use during the summertime, on those hot & humid days. It cooled me down, while adding a good amount of hydration and glow to my skin. I could see myself using this mask more out of the two because of it's convenience. 20 minutes and you simply wipe it off....quick!

Lastly, Here's a quick shot of me taken with my Blackberry (makeup free!) after two weeks of usage. Skin is clear, glowing and much more hydrated....Hooray! 

 I would highly recommend the products to any reader looking for a drastic change in their skincare routine. The results came fast, and were impressive. Have you tried any Cellnique products before? If so, which ones and what did you think?