by Christina

I have some exciting news to share with you all! Remember the rave review I posted about Cellnique?

Well, the review was submitted to the company for their "Favorite Blogger" contest, and guess what? I am now in the TOP 5 to win! (*does happy dance*) The winner will receive a trip of a lifetime to Malaysia to visit the Cellnique headquarters and take in all of the wonderful culture. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? Well, it gets better! Cellnique is also giving away the opportunity to travel to Malaysia to one of my fans! That means YOU could win :)

Before Cellnique declares a winner, they want to hear from you, the fans on who you think should win the contest. This is where I need your help...

Please "like" Cellnique's fanpage and leave a comment here expressing why you think Beauty Queen blog should win the contest, or how much you loved my review! You may also vote for Beauty Queen in the poll found, here

As my thank you to you for voting, I am running a fabulous giveaway on my Facebook Fanpage! The winner will be announced this Saturday, so keep those votes coming and increase your chances of winning!