Birds of a feather

by Christina

Word on the street is feather extensions are big for this spring/summer (somewhere Steven Tyler is jumping for joy) So big, owners of fly fishing shops say they are getting calls from salons all over the country asking for the "saddle hackle" used by fly fisherman (aka, the feather for your fabulous extension)

What's so great about this trend and why is it so popular? It's relatively affordable, temporary (can last up to 2 months) the feathers come in a variety of colors, and of course it's hipster chic!

Now, what about the gal's who love the trend but don't want to commit to the extension process? Check out the fabulous (and affordable) feather barrette's over at Alainn Bella. Less commitment and just as cute!

Will you be trying out the look this spring? Do you love this or so over it already?