by Christina

Big news BQ readers, i've finally done it.....gotten into a monogamous relationship, with my skincare. After years of hoping around brand to brand (packages are left at my door daily with loads of new goodies, try staying faithful with all that temptation!) Arcona has pulled at my heart strings and changed my slutty skincare ways for good.

It all started when I popped into Arcona's Santa Monica location for a facial with Melissa. My congested skin was crying out for help and an Oxygen Facial was exactly what it had needed. Melissa filled me in on Arcona's "Basic Five", which are 5 products that work together to transform the skin each in their own distinct way. You use the basic five for 2-4 weeks, then graduate on to other products in the line if you care to do so.

Why the comittment you ask? Here's the answer straight from Arcona's website:

"As time goes by, our skin begins to reflect environmental, personal and chemical stresses in the forms of loss of elasticity, fine lines, enlarged pores, dark circles and sagging. This is otherwise known as premature aging. To combat this condition, The Basic Five strengthens, enhances and speeds up the skin’s own renewal cycle from 30 to 7 days. As a result, surface layers of dead skin are continuously dissolving, so that the Dermis (deepest layer of skin tissue), becomes highly stimulated and the production of collagen and elastin is greatly increased."

I was intriqued and decided try out the recommended "Basic Five" (I was "normal skin" for reference) out for a month. After 4 weeks of travel, TV appearences, diet mishaps (which totally cause breakouts for me) and stressfull deadlines, my skin was flawless...and I was left stunned.

What I love most about Arcona isn't just the results, it's the integrity of the company. They believe that what goes into the skin, goes into the body, therefore Arcona only uses natural enzymes, herbs, vitamins to repair and restore the skin on a deep cellular level.

Another cool thing? They don't believe in creams and heavy moisturizers as they are incapable of penetrating the skin and merely sit on its surface, causing enlarged pores, sagging, blackheads and reduced oxygen flow. Amazing for me because i've dealt with congested skin since my move to Southern California 6 years ago. My skin became dry and dull, leaving me to slather on thick, hydrating creams to counteract the problem. What I was left with was skin issues i've battled with endlessly, until Arcona.

Interested in trying the brand? If you're local, head to the Arcona Studio or consult with a specialist at Nordstrom first. The travel kit is a great, inexpensive way to try out some of the products for the recommended few weeks and fall in love. I'm still discovering the line, so i'll keep you posted on some great finds. In the meantime, check out my "What i've been loving lately" post for 2 of my recent picks!