by Christina

I'm not quite certain what it is about this season that triggers such an abrupt sense of change in me. As a child, Fall meant a new school year, new clothing, hairstyle, supplies....everything was fresh. As an adult, I find myself craving that sense of order, which is why I created my "Pre-Fall fresh start". What is it exactly? Simply a routine i've gotten into for the past few years now, consisting of re-evaluating my own style/beauty, organizing and getting to my best self yet. I began this weekend, inspiring me to share the routine with you all. Here's the breakdown:


I go through each item in my personal & professional makeup kit, bathroom, beauty closet etc, tossing any and all expired product. Not sure how to tell if your product is expired? Simply take a look at the bottom corner to find an small jar like symbol listing a number inside of it ("12M" means the product is good for 1 year once opened, "6M", 6 months and so on). If you cannot find it, there is a good chance the label was placed onto your product's box, which many of us tend to toss after purchase. Either make a habit of saving them (I fold them up flat and keep in a small bag under my vanity for reference) or take mental note of the expiration. It is imperative to do this, as expired product can be very harmful to your skin.


If you've acquired any unused product through the year (that is NOT expired), look into donating it to a local woman's/homeless shelter in your area. Note that many shelters cannot accept opened or used product (even if it was used one time), if the seal was broken, it is considered not sanitary. I pass off the rest to friends and family.

Take inventory:

Once i've gotten rid of/donated all of the clutter, I restock....but not before deciding what type of look and image i want to portray for that coming year. Maybe you want to turn up the glamour, create a more relaxed look for yourself, improve trouble areas....the list goes on. Take note of what you feel is lacking.

Typically for me, I go through Pinterest, grab a few September issues to create an image board, look through old pictures of myself to critique what I need to improve on etc. Find whatever works for you! From there, I create a list of everything I need...expired product I want to restock on, things to build my look for that year and so fourth.

Stick to your list:

With a few unexpected splurges here and there (I am a female who loves to shop after all!!), I only purchase what is on my "need" list. It saves me a lot of money and doubles on things I simply don't need. Get as specific as you can, for instance, this year I have on my list "warmer peach liner, blue under toned red lip color"....the more detailed you are, the easier it is to shop and not be distracted by other product.

I go through this same process for clothing, fitness and even for my personal goals! It's really opened my eyes on all of the excessive spending I was doing, product I was wasting and time I could have spent more wisely. Do you have a similar routine?