by Christina

A few weeks ago, I headed back east to NY for my big brother's wedding. Not sure if it was the travel, stress or simply just bad eating (Crappy airport food combined with Buffalo food, which I simply cannot resist) but I found myself dealing with a major breakout. My skin became dull, congestion appeared in my forehead and as the acne began to develop, so did a slight panic attack. This was days before a major family event, I needed it gone!! 

While searching through my skincare for a quick fix, I came across one of my favorite Dr Perricone products and that's when it hit me: The 3 day Nutritional Face Lift!! I had discovered this quick and effective skin health routine months ago on Dr Perricone's website and had been dying to try it out. I ran to the grocery store, loaded up and began my diet right away.

The "3 Day Nutritional Face Lift" consists of eating specific foods that are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. The diet will control inflammation and fluid retention as well as increase skin’s radiance, glow, and firmness. Salmon, fresh berries and cantaloupe, greens, eggs and turkey are all included on the menu and believe me when I say, everything is so delicious you hardly feel like your depriving yourself. Did I mention water? You must drink loads of H20!

Results? You betcha. As early as the first day, I began to notice a decrease in inflammation as well as redness from my acne disappearing. Day two a healthy "glow" developed, acne began to shrink. My dark circles also lightened up. On day 3, I awoke to almost 100% clear skin..two small ones on the forehead were still present. My skin was smooth in texture and simply radiant. I looked more awake and had much more color to my face. Just in time for the wedding, my dilemma was solved.

The night of the wedding, I binged....hard (wedding cake is my weakness...don't judge) and wouldn't you know it, I awoke to the sight of a massive cystic like pimple on my forehead. Just goes to show what clean eating vs junk can actually do to your body, inside and out! Dr Perricone actually offers a 28 day program which is less restrictive and boasts amazing results. I plan to begin this program ASAP.

I've included pictures which document my results over 3 days. Two of which are makeup free (be kind...Im aware of how dreadful I look!) and on the 3rd day I am wearing a light application of blush, concealer under the eyes, gloss, brow powder and shadow...NO foundation or powder, just moisturizer on the skin!!

Here's a sample of the Shopping List and Example Menu as well. If you have any questions regarding my experience, feel free to email me!