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Recently, I headed to Charlotte, North Carolina to share some of my favorite beauty products for the spring season with the lovely crew at WCCB. Here's a quick overview of the products we discussed and a video for you all:

TULA Skincare: I've expressed my love for the probiotic-rich brand many times on the blog - and I'm still obsessing over it. After the brutal winter we've had, Tula is just what a gal needs to bring some balance back to her skin.

Prescriptives Custom Blend: Whether it be online or at a cosmetics counter, the process of shopping for a new foundation is overwhelming. Take the guesswork out and get a product that not only matches your skin well, but also benefits it, too. Check out Prescriptives unique Custom Blend service - a quick consultation with a Beauty Genious can leave you with your best bottle of foundation, ever.

Rockin Beauty Lipgloss: One of the brightest beauty stars in 2015 thus far, I am so incredibly impressed with Rockin Beauty. The included LED light and mirror have finally led me to stop using my iPhone camera for on-the-go gloss applications (I can't be the only woman who has had to resort to this!), while the quality ingredients and fabulous colors have made my lips stand out.

DryBar: Featuring Drybar's 3 Day Bender Curling Iron and 1 <3 Road Trips Trio. These two products have been a staple in my spring beauty routine thus far. I love the ease and convenience of the 360 degree curling iron and the variety in the trio - which can create a multitude of spring styles.

Remington Hair Accessories: A fun way to mix up your look this spring, Remington's hair accessories are affordable and work in a variety of different ways, too. Try weaving a wrap into a braid, mixing up a chignon with a headband, or adorning that high ponytail with a bow.