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I discovered my passion for beauty very early in life. As a child, like most young girls, I would watch my mother do her makeup in complete awe. The red lipstick, the powder, eyeshadow... it was all so fascinating to me. But that's not what sparked my passion. As I observed her regimen, I wondered about each of the product's function, texture and purpose. Why she choose certain shades with her coloring and why on earth would she religiously put "mud" (also known as the Borghese mask) on each week. These thoughts consumed me, making it clear that I wanted to be involved in this industry in some way.

At 17, I began my journey and never looked back. Promising myself that I would learn everything there was to know about the beauty world. Over a decade later, I've stayed true to that promise, working every job possible and educating myself. It's been an incredible journey and there are so many wonderful experiences I've been able to have, but the best and most rewarding one was always interacting with clients.

Which is what led me to creating "Beauty Chat." An online consultation service that is personalized to each client. No structure to it, no gimmick, just a conversation about whatever it is you need to learn. It can be tough seeking help, especially when you're frustrated in your routine, but I encourage you to check out the site, the service, and take a chance on me. You can learn more about it HERE (or simply click on the "Beauty Chat" icon above.)

In celebration of Beauty Chat's launch, I wanted to do something special. All week long, I'll be giving away some of my favorite products (be sure to check back!) but I also wanted to give away a larger prize that could benefit someone greatly. So I hopped over to Sephora this weekend and purchased a $100 gift card. For those that book a consultation from 6/9 though 6/15, you'll be entered to win automatically (i'll choose the winner on 6/16). What's better than splurging on some beauty goodies after your consult?

Thank you for your constant support and appreciation for this website, hope to be Beauty Chat-ting with you soon! xo