Last-Minute Gifts

by Christina Marrale in ,

Finding the perfect gift for loved ones can be a daunting task. But what I've found through the years is that one can never go wrong with something personalized and homemade.

Now, when I mention DIY gifts, I get it, it may seem like there's no time to craft as the days leading up to our celebrated holidays can certainly be hectic. I recommend reserving a day out of your schedule ahead of time, plot out your materials and plan of attack, pour a glass (or a bottle, because it is the holidays, after all) of wine and tackle the task. It's cost-friendly and you're friends and family will absolutely love the custom idea.

Recently, I shared my favorite DIY beauty recipes on the Better show. From a citrus scrub to homemade lip and cheek tints, these gifts are sure to impress. Hope you enjoy, happy holidays!