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Lindsey Jerge is a Figure Competitor with a long list of achievements, including her recent Pro-Status with the WNBF. This gorgeous gal knows her stuff when it comes to fitness and after hearing Lindsey's story, what motivates her, and her passion for the sport, I couldn't help but be inspired. She recently dished to Beauty Queen about her background, goals, motivation, and even shared a few fitness tips as well, enjoy!


How did you get started with fitness & competing?

About two years ago, I began working with a trainer who mentioned that she thought I had the potential to do well as a fitness competitor.  I grew up dancing and performing my whole life and knew that I would enjoy competing and getting back on stage.  After thinking about it a bit and getting the courage to stick with a clean meal plan and train daily, I competed in my first figure competition in Fall of 2011.  I am so glad I decided to enter into the sport of natural bodybuilding.  It has taught me so much about myself, and I have made lifelong friends throughout my journey!

You just won your pro card at your latest competition, congrats! What are you plans now? Thank you,  thank you! I am still on cloud nine over earning my Figure Pro status with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF).  I am competing in my first pro show in just a few weeks in Ohio in April called the Tournament of Champions.  After that, I plan to go into an off-season, which will still incorporate intense training along with a clean meal plan.  Now that I am competing against some of the top natural figure competitors nationwide, I know I have to truly work on growing and improving specific body parts.  I would love to compete in a competition called the World Championships (which was held in Atlantic City this past year) in Fall of 2014.  That has always been my dream, and I feel honored to now be qualified to compete at this level with competitors I look up to!

With competing, I know you must follow a strict diet in order to grow muscle and stay lean but what about your off-season? What’s your daily diet like?  That is correct, on-season is very calculated and my diet modifies regularly based on how I am looking and responding to the amount of carbs, proteins, and fats I am consuming.  The major difference with my off-season diet is I follow a “reverse diet” plan where I slowly add in higher calories, which includes more healthy/clean carbs and fats.  Also, I allow myself some cheat meals on the weekends and the occasional glass of red wine.  It is all about balance, enjoying life, and slowly allowing my body to intake more calories/various foods without gaining weight too quickly (which is very easy to do after a show).  Also, my cardio decreases during my off-season, which is nice!  I still eat very clean during my off season but allow myself to get more creative and don’t always measure everything to the gram like I do when training for a competition.

Be sure to follow Lindsey on Instagram at @LOLO423, as she's constantly sharing her fave foods, workout pics and inspirational quotes!

Be sure to follow Lindsey on Instagram at @LOLO423, as she's constantly sharing her fave foods, workout pics and inspirational quotes!

There are plenty of misconceptions about diet and exercise, for instance, women will get “bulky” if they begin to weight train, cutting carbs is the only key to weight loss, supplements won’t help, etc. What do you have to say about all of these? 

You are so right, and I am glad you brought this up because I used to be the type of girl who would make comments like, “It’s okay, I will just do extra cardio to burn off the ice cream or Mighty Taco I ate last night.”  Diet is truly key if you want to lose weight and tone up.  Also, as far as the misconception the weight training makes women bulky,  that is so far from the truth.  Cupcakes and pies make you bulky, not weight training! It took me a long time to put on the lean muscle I have currently.  It takes a lot of work and does not happen overnight!  As far as carbs, sure, you will lose weight if you drop carbs tremendously or cut them completely.  However, that makes you carb sensitive and is not good at all! I eat carbs with every meal and could not imagine not eating them.  During competition prep, my carbs cycle, so I have one high carb day when I train legs, a few low days, and some moderate days.  It is all about learning what works best for you and what your body responds to.  It is so important to have nutritional guidance from someone with experience.  Also, when competing, it is crucial to not have someone guide you who uses a one size fits all approach.  Everyone’s body and metabolism is different, so why should the macros you take in be the same?  In terms of supplements, I am big into taking a pre-workout drink, and intra-workour drink containing BCAA’s, creatine, fish oil, multivitamin, biotin, and D3.  I also could not imagine my life without flavored protein powder to make my cakes! 

Let’s talk about training; any favorite moves you care to share? Sure! My favorite body part to train is shoulders.  I like keeping it simple with things like presses and side/front raises.  Also, I love doing lunges and squats for my legs!  Sprinting outside is my favorite type of High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT).  I love being outside and enjoying nature, so often go to a nearby park and run my little heart out!

Any advice for those looking to shape up and get a killer body this summer? Look in the mirror and make a decision to change your life, you are worth it! You have one body, and only you can make the choice to take care of it and control the way you look and feel.  Stay committed and understand that progress takes a little time.  I love taking progress pictures weekly.  This way, you are able to actually see your body change.  Also, it is okay if the scale doesn’t always move!  Progress should be measured by how you look and feel, not the numbers on a scale.

What great tips, thank you Lindsey! If you live in the Buffalo, NY area and are interested in training with Lindsey, please contact Jada Blitz Training for more information.