by Christina Marrale


Turkey day is a time to indulge for most, but if your keeping on track with a healthy lifestyle or simply just don't want to consume all of those calories, here's a few sure fire ways to keep the indulging under control...

Craving? Taste away: It's OK to indulge every once and a while, the difference is stepping too far off the ledge with it. I take a note from Bethenny Frankel's best selling book "Naturally Thin" and if I am in the mood for the chocolate pie, extra pasta or mashed potatoes...I'll do it, just in smaller portions. A good tip? Keep ramekin's around the house and divy up your portion into one of them. They're small enough to not feel guilty, but provide the perfect portion size, enough to make you feel satisfied!

Take a stroll: Got some time to kill before dinner, or maybe afterwards while waiting for pie and extra treats to be brought to the table? Bundle up, grab the kids...dog....husband, whatever, and go for a quick walk around the neighborhood. It'll get in some needed calorie burning, in addition to being a great way to have some family time together with the ones you love.

Eat slowly: Did you know it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the signal from your stomach that you are full? Simply put, don't stuff your face too quickly. Pile up your desired amount of food on the plate and take your time, chewing and enjoying every bite. Worried your favorite side dish will be gone if you don't go back for seconds? Do what I do, sneak a little amount in a to-go container before it's out for everyone to enjoy.

Drink water: If you're concerned with over eating, try drinking a glass full of water about 10 minutes prior to the main event. It'll keep your stomach feeling more full and as a bonus...leave you hydrated! Be sure not to drink the water throughout the meal, as that can only lead to digestive issues...always before!