by Christina Marrale

One random fact about me: I've always secretly wanted to be in the studio audience during an "Oprah's Favorite Things" broadcast. I mean, who didn't, honestly? Have you SEEN the things that woman would give away! Now, with The Oprah Show off the air...I assumed we would never see another special like that again, until I discovered she is producing a "Favorite Things" show on November 18, from 8:00 - 10:00 PM and re-airing again on Nov. 23, Dec. 13 & Dec. 23 on the OWN Network!

This year the Renowned Lord of the Skin, Dr. Harold Lancer (who has long been one of the experts in Oprah Winfrey's personal inner-circle of beauty gurus and treats some of Hollywood's biggest names: Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, Michelle Williams, Denise Richards, Kim Kardashian Portia de Rossi to name a few) has taken top honors on the coveted list of Oprah's Favorite Things and in this month's issue of "O Magazine" with his Lancer Method Limited Edition Luxury Skin Care Set.


The interlocking system in the Lancer Method is a 3-part daily skincare program that starts with a physical exfoliation as its anchor product. Packed with potent ingredients for collagen building and the ultimate in gentle resurfacing, it offers cumulative and ongoing improvement in the skin. The products also feature a patented delivery mechanism, the Lancer Liposome, the best antioxidants and peptide blends and "best in class" to build and maintain a glowing complexion. Pore size, texture, tone, color, and overall balance are restored and with ongoing daily use skin is at its optimal health, performance and look. And the best part? The geometric shaped modern lucite containers with royal blue and silver accents is all imported from Italy, how chic!

All sounds fabulous, right? Well guess what? I am giving away 1 Lancer Limited Edition Luxury Holiday Collection set which includes one of each of the following three products: Polish Resurfacing Treatment, Cleanse Gentle Foaming Cleanser & Nourish Anti-Aging Treatment (valued at $300!) right here on Beauty Queen! It's like a mini- favorite things celebration (and there's more to come...) SO, how can you win? It's simple:

  • Follow @DrLancerRX & @beautyqueenCM on Twitter and tweet "I want to win the Lancer skincare set featured on "beautyqueenCM" #lancerluxury"
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  • NOTE: if you do both, i'll count it as two entries...better chances to win!

This contest is open to US Residents only, must be 18+ to enter. I'll be choosing a winner on 11/25 at 12:01 am EST! GOOD LUCK :)