by Christina Marrale

If my rave review on Arcona wasn't enough to get you excited about taking care of your skin, here's yet another one of my staple skincare brand's to add to your anti-aging arsenal: Natura Bisse. A brand based in Barcelona, they are known for their luxe skincare and innovative technology.  Natura Bisse was so kind as to send out some of their staple products for me. After months of trying them, I have seen major results. Here's what I am using:


Oxygen Complex: What struck me about this product the most was from the moment it was applied, I felt as though I had just received an oxygen facial. It gives such a nice, cooling sensation to the skin, a great product to have after washing a day's worth of makeup off. The benefits? The complex actually helps purify the skin and restores radiance and vitality. It also prevents the proliferation of bacteria and gently lightens dark spots, a plus for those who suffer/have suffered with acne. For me, it cleared up quite a bit of acne on my trouble area (forehead) and also lightened some pigmentation around my chin. In the 5 step Arcona process, it actually requires an oxygen serum to add to skin every other night, I've enjoyed Natura Bisse's so much that I have been using it in place of the suggested product.


The Cure Sheer Cream: Think of it as an ultra hydrating tinted moisturizer with major anti-aging properties. This formula is actually made up of Hyaluronic acid (giving you major moisture) and Fermentus Glaciarum extract, a powerful anti-wrinkle element. What I loved the most was The Cure's "Self-adapting" pigments, meaning they adapt to all skin tones to neutralize the appearance of skin imperfections and provide a glowing and healthy complexion. Another plus? It actually stimulates your skin's natural detoxification process with the ingredient Sulphorane. Anti-aging, hydrating, detoxifying and a tinted moisturizer...i mean, seriously...what's not to love?!


NB Ceutical Eye Recovery Balm: What sold me from the beginning was the light, gel like texture of the product. It sank right into the skin without any heavy after-feel. As far as the benefits are concerned, I was very impressed. All eye creams always promise the same things: diminish fine lines/wrinkles/dark circles, makes you look more awake...blah blah. But the difference is, many don't even come close to achieving those results, especially within a short amount of time. With Natura Bisse, the time between purchase and seeing results was very quick, 4 weeks to be exact. My dark circles appear lighter and though at 27 I have minimal aging around the eye area (pre-ven-tion my friends!) it appears as though I just look more "awake".

All in all, the balance between Arcona and Natura Bisse products have left my skin in it's best condition yet. After turning 27 last month, it was time to step it up in the anti-aging department...laugh if you will, but you can never be too prepared ;) Have you tried Natura Bisse before? If not, stay tuned, because over the next couple weeks you may have the opportunity to do so!