Glowing and Green

by Christina

I recently came across the wonderful Kimberly Snyder's website and really admire and respect her outlook on health and beauty. Kimberly, a nutritionist to such celebs as Channing Tatum, Olivia Wilde (and more!) is best known for her her unique philosophies/principles that help clients discover their ultimate health and beauty potential without the obsessing of diets. She believes food and nutrition are the key to ultimate health and beauty inside and out and I could not agree more.

I was intriqued by her wide variety of smoothies recipies on her blog, and decided to try the ever so popular "Glowing Green" smoothie. I love incorporating a green smoothie into my everyday diet and this recipe sounded too good to pass up. After a week of drinking, my skin truly has been glowing and I have had bursts of energy from the drink! Not to mention it tastes amazing, I actually get excited to have this every morning! I highly recommend checking out and trying the Glowing Green smoothie and all of her other Smoothie Recipie's here.

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