It's a man's world....(for today at least)

by Christina

One thing I have always admired about my husband is he has always made sure to take great care of himself and his appearance. Many men tend to let their wives/girlfriends run the show when it comes to their looks and grooming habits, or just let themselves go after a while. Luckily for me, that is not the case with the hubby. In celebration of his 30th birthday this past week, I decided to dedicate a post to him and his viewpoints on male grooming and products:

What are your "must have" daily essential products? Why?  Baking Soda for cleaning my face and brushing my teeth. Promotes clean, tight skin and leaves teeth extremely clean and white, Avalon Organics deodorant spray Rosemary and Peppermint, Giovanni Organic styling glue. One more staple in my life which isn't totally beauty related (although I feel it is) – the Big Berkey Water Filter.

Any good tips (about skincare/grooming) you've picked up along the way? ......Maybe from your lovely wife, ha!  The best hair cut is the one that no one no one knows you got. Sometimes Men's hair cuts are very dramatic and rigid and to me is a sign that the guy doesn’t care much and just gets his hair cut “when its long”, or when his girlfriend makes him.  I use all organic products to avoid all the chemicals and heavy metals, ect found in most skin care and body products. I also try and buy fragrance free items or slightly fragranced. It is too easy to have all the different scents of the various products mix and be obnoxious. I also use as few products on my face as possible. I noticed that the more I do to my face the more my skin fights back with oil production, occasional breakouts,ect. Less is more.

Have you always taken good care of your skin? I haven't put too much effort into it actually. My diet, water intake, exercise and use of all organic products has been very good on the skin. It isn't a magic cream or secret regimen – just good food, good water and good natural products.

If a woman wanted her man to amp up or improve their routine, how should they go about it? First I would drop the heavy cologne and AX body sprays ect. Some guys are like a walking Macy's fragrance department. Guys, let you natural pheromones come out and stop covering them up. Next I would focus on the inside and increase the water intake and exercise and try to eat a cleaner diet. Sweat out the toxins and maybe get into the sauna.

In your own words, What are the basics every man should know when it comes to grooming and taking proper care of themselves? Try out some natural/organic products. I know that some of them are a bit more work to use which is an automatic deterrent and they can also be a bit pricey – but definitely imperative in the longevity of your skin and your overall health for that matter. We are bombarded with toxins everyday from sun exposure to pollution in the air. Why spread more chemicals all over yourself on top of that? Test out the various products and find what works for you. Try it for a week and you will feel a difference.


Thanks babe, Happy Birthday Xo