Giving it a rest...

by Christina

Just about every time a season changes, I like to take a "two week break". I wish I were referring to an actual vacation (Bahamas please!) but this break is more like a beauty break from my makeup/hair routine! Tricky to do? Yes, but the benefits I see from doing so certainly outweigh the bad. Here's a rundown:

- Refrain from using all heat on hair (Curling & flat irons, Hair Dryer) I simply let my hair air dry and style as needed with as minimal product as possible. Why would I put myself through the stress of dealing with a frizzy, curly mess you ask? My hair gets so dry and hard to manage, and constantly using my "tools" to tame it really adds to the madness. Sure, the right products like serums and conditioners help but that also causes a lot of buildup and residue in the hair as well. By using a clarifying shampoo/conditioner, a hydrating mask twice a week and no heat on the hair, it truly restores the beauty and shine. After two weeks my hair feels soft, and manageable again.

-Use as minimal makeup as possible, let the skin breathe. The hair I can deal with, it is easy to tie it back in a low bun and make it work but going out in public without makeup is a bit tricker for me. During this time, I really up the ante on my skincare regimen (eye creams, serums & moisturizer, exfoliating etc) and stay far away from my usual makeup routine. If I absolutely need to put something on, I mix a bit of my foundation with my moisturizer to even out my skin tone and add a tinted lip conditioner on the lips for color. My lashes stay mascara free....and I must say, by avoiding mascara for two weeks my lashes have gotten stronger and healthier with each day passing. I also focus on my diet, making sure i'm hydrating enough and eating tons of fruits, veggies and clean food. The end result? My skin has been glowing, soft and supple and truly never looked better! Hooray!!


I understand this may not be realistic to do for two weeks, but if you can for even a weekend or week tops...try it out. I see such great results from this, it's a beauty trick i've been doing for years now. My two weeks just ended yesterday and I feel refreshed and ready to get back into my beauty routine just in time to celebrate my husbands 30th birthday tonight!

Have you tried a "beauty break" before? What were your results? Was it difficult to stick to it? Let me know!! Have a great weekend lovelies :)