Learning a few of Victoria's Secrets

by Christina

 Hollywood is a buzz this week with the Oscars soon approaching. Also known as the female equivalent of the superbowl, I cannot help but glue myself to the TV during all of the red carpet coverage and think to myself "WWJS?" (What would Joan Rivers say?)

I received the opportunity to catch up on the latest beauty/fashion trends and predictions for the red carpet, sponsored by Victoria's Secret and I must say, I learned some fabulous tips and tricks.

Every red carpet fashionista knows shapewear is a MUST! True to form, Victoria's Secret shapewear is not only effective, it's super sexy!With fun prints, sleek design and with many options to choose from...finally wearing something to smooth out those curves does not have to be so boring!

Fashion & Style expert, Rachel Salis (in a chic and cheap dress from H&M...love it!) giving us fabulous tips on how to choose the best shapewear for your body and gown type.

Polly Blitzer broke down all of the hottest red carpet tips and tricks for award season. Here's some of my favorites:

Red Carpet Trick #1: It's all about the highlighting! Use a clear sparkling gloss to keep your eyebrows in place while adding a pop of shimmer. Use a nude sparkling lipstick to add a glow to your shoulders and decollate. Open up eyes and highlight those cheekbones by adding a billiant shimmer shadow (silverdust is a fave)

 Red carpet trick#2: Though a great spray tan can make anyone look bronzed and gorgeous, you must not forget to cover all areas! Hands and feet get ignored the most. A quick fix is an instant airbrush bronzer that covers like a makeup and gives instant color.

Polly also noted that not every spray tan is created equal. Red carpet vixen Angelina Jolie gets a soft neutral, rose-like color to her skin that not only looks natural on her skin tone, it acts as a veil masking any skin issues (like that woman has any, right?!) This sheer, light color is getting a lot of buzz in the beauty world.

Check out that Angel-like glow from Victora's Secret bronzing collection, Beach Sexy! Any product that makes me look and feel like Alessandra Ambrosio for a day or two is a sure thing in my book!

Thank you to the wonderful Victoria's Secret team for the great day of fashion and beauty