Up for review: Bioken products!

by Christina

Biokin had recently contacted me (the self proclaimed beauty junkie, who never has enough products!) to try out their line of hair care and body products. Of course, I happily obliged and after testing them out...I could not be more excited to share my great review with you all. Here's what I received:


(Left to Right) Bioken Pequi Body Wash & Body Lotion, Bioken Enfanti Hydrating Shampoo and Hair Treatment

 The body wash left my skin silky smooth and clean. This product also had the most delicious coconut like smell to it!!! The lotion was light, slightly fragranced and melted right into my skin. I personally did not care for the fragrance but the lotion worked well and left my skin hydrated and soft.

 The shampoo also smelled wonderful, left my hair clean and truly does what it had claimed: Hydrates. I was surprised at how well it performed for a sulfate free formula. I could run my fingers through my hair without a snag immediately after rinsing. The shampoo is fabulous but the true star of the line is certainly the Efanti Treatment.....WOW! Just a quarter sized amount of product left my hair beyond smooth and hydrated. I saw an instant improvement in the condition and texture of my hair. Not to mention, once I blowdried my hair was filled with shine!

Bioken gets two thumbs up, for the performance of their products but also for the ingredients. Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Sodium, Alcohol, and DEA the company formulates their products with Anti-aging ingredients (goji berry, green tea etc) and Vitamins C and B. They also focus on adding certain properties that will protect the hair from hair loss and color fade (called, Nano Technology and Antibiotic Therapy) They offer many different types of Shampoo and Conditioners so check out their website if interested!