How to: De-pot MAC shadows

by Christina

Over the years I have accumulated a massive amount of MAC eyeshadows...more than I know what to do with. I am not very certain as to how it got so out of hand. All I know are those little pots of shadow are cluttering my makeup kit and I sense the collection is beginning to frighten my husband. In the spirit of spring cleaning, it's time to organize and de clutter! Here's how I saved some space:


A small amount of the collection, I should be a candidate for "Hoarders"

Begin by finding the indentation of the shadow pot, VERY CAREFULLY take a knife and lift in order to pop the plate from the shadow pot. You may need to jimmy it around a bit, but it will pop. Please take your time. 

Place a square of wax paper onto a warm flatiron and sit the shadow plate on top. Let warm for 2 minutes.

Take off of flat iron and poke a hole into the back of the shadow plate.

Carefully lift the palette out of the plate (excuse the dirty knife) and let cool. The palette will be extremely warm, please be careful and do not use your hands!! Take off any excess glue with some alcohol and a q-tip

There you have it! You can place your shadow in a palette like this one from MAC, or purchase a magnetic one from a drugstore/Ulta. Always be sure to place a label on the back of the shadow, so you can identify which color is which when you need to purchase a refil!