beauty resolutions

by Christina

With 2011 arriving, so has a new set of new years resolutions I've set for myself. Thought i'd share with you all some of my beauty goal's for this upcoming year:


1) Drink.More.Water  (I am good with this now, but sometimes have the habit of consuming myself in work and forgetting about hydrating through the day...bad girl)

2) Keep up on the brows. I will spend the money, get a great brow wax and then of course, I get so wrapped up in life I don't give as much attention to them as I should when they need to be maintained. This is an important one, because brows truly do frame the face and add so much to your look when they are done properly.

3) Use what you have!! I need to stop buying so many duplicates/similar products. I think my beauty collection is starting to frighten my husband, and myself. I mean seriously, do I REALLY need to add another "pink/peach" colored gloss to my collection when I've got a minimum of 8 in my cosmetic drawer? My wallet (and frightened husband) will thank me on this one!


What are your beauty resolutions for this year? These will all be a bit of a challenge for me in some way, but I love improving any way I can....let's hope I can make these all stick!!