SAG Awards: Hits and Misses

by Christina

Who needs the Superbowl ladies, when we have a whole month of red carpet looks this awards season! Celebs seriously stunned at the Golden Globes, but with the more "relaxed" vibe of the SAG Awards, did the impress? Check out my best and worst of the night:

The Best of the best:

Gotta love Ms. Lea Michelle's young, soft and neutral look. I am beginning to think this girl can pull off any hair style!



Golden Girl, Natalie Portman looking glowing and lovely as usual. Great cheek color, and can we take a moment to drool over those Tiffany and Co earrings she's wearing!!


Mila Kunis, What a show stopper!! The color of the dress paired with her relaxed highlighted curls and smokey eye. Can I borrow that dress puhleease?


January Jones, looking like a true movie star....great "old hollywood" hair, the gold shadow on the eyes paired with the soft pink on her lips is perfection


Onto the good stuff.......worst of the night!!

Okay, I will give Kim K the credit for toning down her usual overly glam self, but this makes me want to run up to her and dab some concealer under those eyes and get a soft pink gloss on those lips PRONTO!!


Jennifer Lawrence's look was almost perfect, but the ungroomed, too short, unarched eyebrows ruined it for me. Small error, but I can't look past it. The hair is a bit severe as well for how fun the dress is. 


Speaking of um...eyebrows. Dianna Agron's are looking a bit too dark for me. Im digging the copper shadow on the eyes but is it just me or is this look a bit harsh on her beautiful features and pale complexion?


Oh Nicole, I cant find the words......what's with her always missing it lately on the red carpet?