How to: Make your own rose water

by Christina

I am a huge fan of fresh flowers, especially red roses around the holidays. I added several to vases around our home, and used some more roses to create a table centerpiece for our Christmas Eve feast (can't believe i didn't think to get pictures of it, ugh!) Once they began to wilt, I decided instead of throwing them away, i'd make rose water with them. Rose water is very beneficial for the skin: it restores the natural PH balance, is an astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, and can be used as a facial cleanser or as a toner. It's also known to soften and brighten as well, and is very simple to make.


you will need: 1 cup distilled water,

1/2 cup rose petals (MUST be organic/pesticide free)

a stainless steel pot


 heat water/petals just until you get a boil, turn off heat & let sit until cool, strain rose petals from pot


pour rose water into clean, sterilized jar (or spray bottle) use within one week to prevent bacterial growth!