Naked Palette News!

by Christina

If you have been dying to get your hands on Urban Decay's ultra popular "Naked Palette" listen up lovelies!! In order to increase the turn around time in production, the company has made some minor changes to the popular product.

First up: There will no longer be a 24/7 dual eyeliner pencil included as it has been difficult for the company to produce this particular item fast enough, hence the loooooong wait in restock. The Good Karma brush has now taken the eyeliner's place.


Second: Price! Due to this change, the price has changed from $44 to $48. Not bad considering the brush is great to have for travel, but if your like me I much prefer the convenience and quality of the liner duo. With the versatility of the palette,the dual liner paired so nicely with it giving me the option to finish my eyes off with a soft brown or bold black liner.


Either way, I am so thrilled it will be back in stores soon junkies rejoice!!