Health Factor: Coconut Water

by Christina

The popularity of coconut water has sky-rocketed in recent years, boasting several health benefits to the body. I have been drinking it daily for the past year and cannot express how much good I've seen in my body as a result of it. I'll admit, I got hooked on it when I spotted the most gorgeous celeb's out and about with coconut water in hand (Gisele Bundchen anyone?) and once I started, I couldn't stop having it, here's why:



-Balances the PH in your body, helping to prevent cancer and other illnesses

-Cleans your digestive tract, boosts your immune system and detoxifies which in turn will help to achieve softer, more clear manageable skin

-Promotes weight loss by raising your metabolism

-One cup of coconut water contains more electrolytes than most sports drinks and more potassium than a banana. Think of it as the healthier, more clean option other than Gatoraide.

-It contains Lauric Acid which is present in a mothers breast milk, and a large anti-inflammatory

-Helps to keep the body cool and at it's proper temperature

-Also aides in relieving stomach cramps, vomiting, urinary problems (the list goes on!) 


For me, I have noticed a wonderful glow to my skin by drinking one 8oz can a day as well as a better digestive system overall. I feel healthy, strong, hydrated and refreshed. I've tried all of the mainstream brands but am partial to Vita Coco. Zico is great too, but oddly tastes like chocolate milk to me....anyone else experience this or am I just crazy? If your not a fan of the taste, but want the benefits of coconut, try coconut oil which is also full of health benefits and can be easily incorporated into ones diet (I cook with it, in place of olive oil quite a bit)



*note, be wary of the "fruit filled" flavors of coconut water (coconut water +peach) they are filled with sugar!