Golden Globes: Best & Worst

by Christina

There were plenty of eye catching looks and trends on the red carpet last night, but here are a few that stood out in my book....let's start with the good: 

Jennifer Lopez's dreamy, soft makeup was a winner in my book. She normally has so much going on with her eyes and lips, it was refreshing to see her rocking such a light look. She looks stunning! 

Jane lynch looked lovely, in a natural look that was age appropriate and gorgeous! Her skin looks flawless and her eyes are piercing in a soft bronze shadow. 

Eva Longoria stunned....yes yes I know, another neutral, soft look but love everything about it. The lashes, timeless updo and glowing skin are the best notes about this look. This is a beautiful look to duplicate for a bridal makeup, love love love! 


Now let's get down and's the worst looks of the night! 


I was so surprised to see Sandra Bullock looking so drab....The bangs are dreadful! The hair looks limp, and the eyeliner left me unimpressed. A pop of color on the lips would have freshened this look up, the nude leaves her looking pale and not attractive. I have faith she will get it right next time.

Although I do love the fresh, dewy look Kaley Cuoco is rocking, I just cant get past the odd, unkept hair do. The length is entirely too long for me, and if you focus your attention on the center of the pony tail the frizz is taking over! She almost got it right, but not quite there yet. 


Emma Stone, this was a look you either loved or hated. Maybe it was the fact that i've seen so many other actresses rock the "peach, bronzed skin, light lips" look many times before, or that I keep mistaking her as Kate Bosworth? Im just not a fan. I love her with her hair in a deeper red hue, the blonde and overly bronzed skin isn't as flattering.