Be the best version you can be!

by Christina

With a new year, comes the rising popularity of diet and cleanses. Coming down from a month filled with holiday cookies, fatty meals and lots of cocktails, who can blame us?! Yet, how can one choose with so many options, books, diets, and cleanses out there? what are the scams and what actually give you results? Here's some of my top 5 favorite sites to check out, that will provide you great information and a good road map to plotting out your health success: 


1) Join an online community, such as Spark People to help with motivation from others, recipe ideas 

2) Get moving with free workouts and healthy food ideas! Tone It Up's blog and Youtube channel is fun, and fabulous!

3) Bethenny Frankel's website provides realistic, smart tips on excersize, eating and cleansing. I am a huge fan of her's and her approach to health.  

4) Check out The Biggest Loser Club website, for another smart and supportive online community! I absolutely love my Biggest Loser Cookbooks!! 

5) Create your own blog!! Squarespace and Blogger are some great sites to start! Take pictures, track your progress, communicate with your followers! There is nothing better holding yourself accountable, writing and expressing your own experiences and struggles with workout/cleansing/eating and having the ability to reach out and connect with other like minded individuals. 


Any other sites that you love for health and diet? Share below!! :)