Mother knows best

by Christina

This mothers day, instead of writing a "Gift Guide" or "Best Beauty Products for Mom's" post....I decided to get a little more personal with you all and dedicate this post to my best friend, my mother.  She and I have a wonderful relationship,  and even with a 3,000 mile distance between us.... we have a strong bond with one another that will never break. I am lucky to know I can talk to her about anything, and go to her anytime I need advice. I decided to interview my mother, asking her a few questions on beauty, her perspective on inner beauty and so on. As always, she came through with some lovely advice that I would like to pass on to you all.

1.) Who inspires you when it comes to all things beauty, and why? any particular celebrity, someone you look up to? The person who inspires me the most when it comes to all beauty things is YOU. For the most obvious reason, beauty is your life and for me personally, I value your opinion and advice on the subject, because I know you are very knowledgeable on this topic.

2.) What is your favorite beauty tip/trick you'd like to pass on to my readers? My favorite tip is (Less is more), or (Less is best).  The worst mistake a woman can make is to think she looks beautiful and attractive by loading up on makeup, when it only draws attention (and not positive attention) to her.   Understated is the way to go

3.) What was your favorite beauty product to use, and why?  My favorite beauty product has always been Oil of Olay moisturizer.  I began using it probably about 20 years ago and I have used many other products that you have given me, but always seem to go back to Oil of Olay.  I'm using the ProX moisturizer, I have been noticing a difference in my skin.  It looks smoother, like the pores have gotten smaller.

4.) What is your definition of "Inner Beauty"? Inner Beauty is just as it states.  Beauty that comes from inside a person, not what a person looks like.  If a person has a kind heart and spirit, it makes that person radiate from the outside.  you can spend a fortune on cosmetic surgery, diets, makeup, skincare but if you don't feel that inner beauty, nothing will make you look beautiful.

5.) Growing up in Italy, what was your culture's take on beauty? Was there any trends or fads that you witnessed?
Nonna (great grandmother) and grandma never believed in wearing any makeup.  I guess it stems from years ago when they were young, they couldn't afford to buy it, nor did other women who lived in their town.  When Nonna was about 95, I took her to her Dr's appointment, and the Dr she had was a female.  She was amazed at how nice Nonna's skin was.  She told her she had skin that looked like she was in her 60's.  On the other hand when I went to Italy to visit with my dad at the age of 16, My female cousins were really into fashion, hair and makeup. Of course their husbands owned a few jewelry stores, so they could well afford it.

Feel free to pass these questions on fellow beauty bloggers and interview your mothers, friends...or any important female in your life this Mother's Day. It is always nice to hear their perspective on beauty....inner and outer.  Take a piece of advice they give, and carry it with you the rest of the day. Mine will be "If a person has a kind heart and spirit, it makes that person radiate from the outside" (she hit the nail right on the head with that one) Enjoy your weekend everyone, and to all of you mother's out there, i'll leave you with a few personal pictures of the most influential women in my life and this lovely quote:

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."


                                                             (Mom, myself, My Aunt on my wedding day) 



                                                        (My grandmother and I, on my wedding day)



                                                                         (Love you Mom!)


Life is Beautiful! Live like a Queen ♥