All about Retinol

by Christina

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to take some time to elaborate on Retinol a little more, since many of you had taken the time out to ask me about the wonder ingredient in detail!It is nicknamed "the miracle product" for a reason.....check out why:

What does Retinol actually do?
Retinol is simply another word for Vitamin A, an ingredient that is commonly used in the treatment of many skin problems such as psoriasis, keratosis pilaris ("chicken skin") pigmentation, acne and aging skin. Retinol works well as opposed to common moisturizers because it is one of the few repairative substances that is able to pass beneath the upper layers of the epidermis to the layers of skin containing collagen and elastin

Retinol helps to stimulate more collagen and elastic growth as well as speed up cell turnover rate and reduces the effects of free radicals which are responsible for accelerating skin aging. While speeding up the cell turnover rate, it helps control the build up of dead skin cells within the pore and on the surface of the skin, so it has an exfoliating effect which is known to assist in the treatment of pigmentation.
The positive effect it has on reducing acne is still unknown, but is a widely popular treatment among Dermatologists in the prevention of acne.


Are there any side effects that should concern me?
Don't use a retinoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, Benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids may deactivate retinoids, so don't layer them, Waxing can cause excess redness on retinoid-treated skin, Sensitivity to the sunlight may is imperative to use an SPF while in sunlight, Only use a Retinol treatment at night.

Does it give me instant results? 
Keep in mind Retinol wrinkle creams do not work overnight. They only work when they are used on a regular basis. You should find results within 4-6 weeks when used properly.


In your video, you recommended Philosophy's Retinol treatment "Help me"...why this over others?
I have tried several brands of over the counter treatments and prefer Philosphy's simply because they have a special "Time Release" delivery system, which allows the retinol to be released into the skin gradually for less irritation. Also, it has the highest content of Retinol on the market to date without a prescription, and i've found fantastic results with the product. I have been using it over a year now and my pigmentation on my face has improved dramatically, and has truly assisted in keeping my face firm and youthful looking. I am also in my mid 20's now so even though I may not have several fine lines and wrinkles just yet, I am focused on taking as many preventative measures as possible to keep that youthful glow!


RoC also makes a very wonderful Retinol treatment, which I have tried....but I am much more pleased with the results of Philosophy's product. I recommend "Help Me' for most skin types, I am very sensitive and my skin has really taken well to this formula. While using RoC's formula, I experienced a lot more irritation and sensitivity. That was my own experience though, I know several people who have tried the product and were very pleased with the outcome so check out both and decide which works best for your skin type. There is a price difference in both....Help Me at $45, RoC's at around $19.99.



If you are interested in learning more about Retinol treatments or are looking to get a prescription for a stronger formula of this, please talk to your Dematologist!! They can explain to you much more in depth about a prescription treatment :)

For now, I hope this cleared up some of your questions! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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