A new obsession!

by Christina

Hope you all are having a lovely week and that you enjoyed my first video post below! today I wanted to share a few things with you.....I've received several emails in regards to 2 things. "What's the lip color your wearing in your video post?" and "Can you elaborate on Retin-A and Philosophy's Help Me?"

First off, you should know...I am literally obsessed with finding pink/peach type lipsticks/glosses/blushes! They are the colors that work best on my lips and cheeks. The little gem im wearing on my lips in the video is my current obsession :) It's Korres Cherry Lip Gloss in "Rose/#22." This is such a beautiful, warm color that is perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer. It instantly warms my complexion up. This gloss is does not only provide you with full color, it's infused with vitamins C and E that deliver antiaging benefits and antioxidant protection. The smell is divine, and it has lasting power as well. Also, for those who cannot stand the "sticky" feeling that gloss typically has...you will be happy to know that this is very smooth on the lips!


It is also free of Parabens, Sulfates, Petro-Chemicals and GMO which I find is very important, especially for something that your pretty much ingesting (since it's right on your lips, a bit of it is bound to enter your mouth when eating/drinking/talking etc) Below is the color swatch from Sephora.com



Out of all of the natural and organic cosmetic lines out there at the moment, I have to say....Korres has truly stolen my heart! Their skincare is impressive and gives results and their makeup is still very pigmented and offers quite a beautiful color range. The line is small and growing yes, but I cannot wait to see what this wonderful company continues to come up with in the future!

In the meantime, Check out the gloss....if you LOVE their lip butters like me, I have a feeling you will love these all the more :) Have any of you tried any other Korres product? What are your thoughts??

I'll write up everything there is to know about Retin-A tomorrow, My husband just got home and it's time for our evening hike! It's high 70
s and gorgeous here, I must take advantage before the sun sets.



Life is Beautiful! Live like a Queen ♥