Snow Bunny Skin!

by Christina

Hi everyone! So sorry I’ve been MIA, I have had a very busy couple of weeks…..but im back and ready to blog :)  

It was my husband’s birthday this past week, and we decided to celebrate by going snowboarding all weekend! It was fantastic to be back in the snow (I am originally from Buffalo, NY so I grew up around snow and cold) for a little while. Although, I must say….unlike having to deal with it all winter, it was nice to go….experience it then return to 80-degree weather in Los Angeles ;) 
This weekend was the perfect opportunity to try out a product I’ve had in my beauty kit for a while….Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair. This product is best intended for skiers, snowboarders, runners or for anyone traveling that is wanting to protect their skin. It is a waterless, silicone-based moisturizer. The anti-ozonate complex (including evening primrose oil and emollient silicones) strengthens the skin's natural lipid barrier protecting your skin from any harsh, dehydrating conditions This is even great for men to reduce irritation after shaving as well! I’ve got to have my husband try this out for himself!!
I applied it after moisturizing, and let it set into my skin. Mind you, it does feel a bit waxy in texture when you first apply it. I was skeptical if my skin would tolerate such a texture on my face but I must say…about 8 hours later my skin was hydrating, glowing and not chapped one bit from the harsh winter conditions. I even applied a bit of it to my lips and it really held up well as a chap stick too!
Overall I was really happy with the result. This is obviously not something to use everyday unless you travel frequently or are in extreme weather conditions but it’s really fantastic. I will certainly be using this while traveling this summer (I have about 8 weddings to fly to the east coast for!) to protect my skin against the dehydrating effects of traveling!
I’ll leave you all with a lovely picture of me my husband took from this weekend, I just got done with my first run down the hill….legs burning, and I was already exhausted! I have not been snowboarding in years….I forgot how much of a lower body workout it is haha!
Until next time,
Xo -Christina
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