Prime Time

by Christina

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today's topic is about one of my all time favorite primers to use. Smashbox's Photo Finish primer has been a cult favorite in the makeup industry for years and to this day, it's one of their biggest selling products. I admire all of Smashbox's wonderful products....beautiful foundation, pigmented shadows, unique lip products and more, but this particular gem really stands out from the bunch for me.



It's made in a few different formula's, but I most prefer the Photo Finish Light. It is oil free (yay!) and is a 60% water based primer. You would think this would only be ideal for oily skin types but thats not the case. I have very dry skin and found the regular formula to be way to oily for me still. This formula is just right and my clients of all skin types agree. On top of being oil free and water based it's also loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, promoting collagen stimulation and minimizing wrinkles. Fabulous!!

Now, let's talk application:
- Make sure to cleanse and hydrate the face first with your everyday moisturizer. 
- Apply a Nickel sized amount to the face, covering the forehead....nose....cheeks....and chin. (I dont like to use this on my eyes, I prefer to keep it strictly for face, as I have specific eye primers I used for shadows)
- Let the product set for 2-4 minutes before foundation application
- Apply foundation with a brush (for best results) and viola! beautiful!

You can purchase this primer at Sephora, $36

until next time Xo,

Life is Beautiful! Live like a Queen ♥