Mineralize Me!

by Christina

It's not old news that mineralized makeup is ruling the beauty world. As the demand gets higher, the product pool is getting larger and larger....therefore, more confusing to most consumers! So how can you choose a great mineralized foundation in the midst of all of these brands? Here's some tips and products to look out for:

First off, when choosing a color of mineralized foundation, there are a few things to be aware of. Most of the foundations tend to oxidize within a few short minutes of application (meaning once oxygen is exposed to the product it tends to turn it a bit of a different color) so be sure to try a dab of it on your jawline and leave on for 2-5 minutes. This is one of the biggest challenges I experienced selling cosmetics to many many women throughout the years. They purchase a color they think is great without dabbing it on first, then within a day or two- returning the product because "the girl didnt match me right!!" or "it didnt look the same as it did in the store when I got home"....we've all been in that position before! Anywho....this little trick works when trying most cosmetics before buying. Lipsticks especially! So be sure to try one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and see how the product sets.

Secondly, mineralized foundation should NEVER look cakey! It was developed to benefit and enhance your skin, so besides buying a fantastic quality product....you need to apply it correctly:

- Place a quarter sized amount of foundation (im speaking in regards to liquid, not powder) on the area of your hand between your thumb and index finger, and let it set there for about a minute. This allows the product to warm allowing easier and smoother application.

- Take a light, round brush (MAC #130 brush works fantastic for this) and start to buff the product into your face, using light circular motions beginning with your forehead down through the neck. This buffing technique allows the product to penetrate evenly throughout the face while leaving an "airbrushed" look.

-Make sure to hydrate and prime the skin before application for maximum results! If you like to finish with a light powder, do so. I prefer a nice translucent formula to make the skin look ultra natural!



Now, let's talk actual products: You will notice the products I am picking are all liquid foundations. As a makeup artist, I have found much better results in coverage as well as how natural liquid looks. If you love powder mineral makeup...by all means, use what you love. I don't mind it...i've just found better results with most people by using a liquid brand.

1) MAC Mineralize Satin Finish SPF 15: $29.50 Maccosmetics.com

2) Tarte, Smooth Operator SPF 20: $36 Sephora.com

3) Maybeline New York,  Natural Perfecting Liquid: $9 at Local drugstores



All of these i've worked with and truly loved the results on my clients. If your looking for more coverage, all of these products are buildable so if your not satisfied and want more concealed....buff on another layer! That's all for now, the sun is shining in beautiful SoCal and i've got to get out of the house and enjoy it!

Until next time, Xo

Life is Beautiful! Live like a Queen ♥