Up in the air...

by Christina

I recently returned to sunny Los Angeles after a visit on the east coast, and as you can imagine...New York in February is blistery, cold and my skin's worst nightmare. I needed to not only protect my skin while there, but rehydrate and repair as well. Here's a few top products to use while traveling this time of year:

1) When Hope is Not Enough, Replenishing hylauronic acid/peptide capsules
 You may have noticed a pattern here, I truly love Philosophy skincare! This product is just one of those great gems that the company has created. These single dose capsules are perfect for protecting skin against climate change, dehydration, anti-aging and lackluster skin. A combination of hylauronic acid and peptides instantly boosts the skin's hydration level and firmness. I apply one of these capsules all over my skin (before makeup, after moisturizer) before stepping foot on a plane, and once a day while in harsh weather. Use as varied depending on your skin's level of moisture (dry to oily) Available online at http://www.philosophy.com. $50 for 60 capsules

2) ChapStick Fresh Effects, Invigorating Green Tea Mint
I am quite the Chapstick junkie and am always searching for the latest and greatest formula. This particular one trumps the rest,  a combination of sunflower seed oil, beeswax, and jojoba make this chapstick very emollient, hydrating with a slight minty tingling sensation. I love to add this to my lips after applying MAC's "Whirl" lipliner for a natural effect to wear during the winter so my lips stay hydrated but have a bit of color to them. This fabulous little chapstick can be found in most drugstores. Price may vary.

3) Philosophy, Hope in a Tube Firming Eye and Lip Cream 
 This is the type of eye cream that is perfect for women in their early to mid 20's curious about starting an anti-aging regimen.  With a blend of both topical vitamins E and C, this product helps to firm and revitalize the delicate skin around the eyes and lips, but wait folks, there's more!! Because this product is very dense, I love to apply a dime size amount under each eye (before airplane or nightly) and let it settle into my skin like a mask. If you want an instant, hydrating wake up call around your eye area....look no further, this is it my friends! Can be found for $33 on philosophy's website 

With these 3 products, your skin will be refreshed, hydrated, radiant and most importantly, protected! During these cold chilly months, a little boost of radiance is all we need to remind us that the sun and warmth is just around the corner. Until next time, Stay warm lovelies!