Get moving!

by Christina

I am a strong believer in doing something physical everyday. Not only is it beneficial for your's also for one's mind and soul. I can get out all of my frustrations and let loose from the stress of the day all while staying healthy and burning off all the sweets I refuse to cut out of my diet ;)

One of my favorite things to start my day with is this fabulous DVD by Bethenny Frankel, "Body by Bethenny"


The 55 minute DVD is split into 40 minutes of yoga, 10 minutes of strength training and 5 minutes of booty blast. It's a challenging workout filled with lots of dry wit and wise cracks from Bethenny along the way. I adore her realistic approach to yoga......she stresses there are NO egos in yoga and I couldn't agree more.

From a beauty perspective: Yoga is known to increase blood circulation and it brings required amounts of oxygen and nutrients to refresh and eliminates toxin causing substances. With a combination of regular practice, "clean" eating and plenty of water... your skin can achieve a wonderful, healthy glow to it. Not to mention, it truly does help to add balance to your life. When I feel less stressed, my skin certainly benefits from that (no break outs!!) and I am much happier overall...a smile is one of a woman's best asset ;)

Going into 2011....consider introducing some form of yoga into your life, and definitely check out the DVD. You will get some laughs, learn and get a great workout in as well!