Angels Angels....Everyware!

by Christina

Like every other women in America, I tuned into the 2009 Victoria's Secret fashion show on Tuesday. If your anything like me, you sit there in awe of how ridiculously gorgeous these ladies are....everything from their long flowing hair, ridiculously toned bodies and nearly flawless, glowing complexion! As a long time professional in the beauty industry, I cannot tell you how many clients have come to me asking to emulate the look of these angels. As complicated as it may seem, all it takes is just a few great products, the correct application and as always....your confidence! Here's the heavenly secrets to this angelic look:

Get your tan on....
This is the first step (and one of the most crucial) in achieving the look of a bronzed runway goddess, Here are some of my favorite products that can get you runway ready, everyday!

 1.) Shiseido Brilliant Bronze Tinted Self-Tan Gel, $29 (Sold in Macy's, Sephora)
This tinted self-tanning gel is for the application of both face and body. It instantly beautifies skin with sheer bronze color and a pearly shimmer. I have been using this bronzer for years now and absolutely LOVE the results. Make sure to exfoliate your face and body for best results before application (if you do not, you are prone to streaking and uneven application.) Although this is tinted, the true color takes a few hours to develop so what I enjoy is layering this on at night, let dry before you hit the sheets and when you wake up...voila! Bronzed beauty!

2.) Smashbox Bronze Lights, $28 (Sold in Macy's, Sephora, Nordstrom)
This product has everything I look for in a powder bronzer, great application, beautiful (NOT orange) color....and best part of all, it's Matte! Now, you may be wondering why I am suggesting a matte bronzer when we are trying to achieve a glow to our skin? Simply put, there is quite a lot of shimmer in the other products I am recommending to you, layering shimmery product upon shimmery product will not make you look like a dewy diva....too much shimmer can make your complexion look muddy, sloppy, distracting and worst of all.......(cue the scary music).....aged!! (I'll stop here and save this rant for another time) Back to the product, application of this bronzer is simple....a little on the areas of your forehead (making sure to go up into the hairline a bit) on the nose, lightly around the frame of your face and contour just below the cheekbone. Powder bronzer is not something you need to dust in every corner of your face, by applying in the area's i've told are giving the look of definition, and a natural "sun kissed" look.

Light it up: Highlighting
This is one of the oldest makeup artistry tricks in the book for making runway beauties look like a true goddess on the catwalk. The two products I am about to share with you are some of my favorite beauty products of all time, these light up my life....literally! Here are my two top picks:

3.) MAC Cosmetics Mineralized Skinfinish, $27 (Sold in MAC stores, Counters, or online) 
The beauty of this product is simple....It's mineral based, which has been baked for over 24 hours, has a high frost metallic finish allowing the application to be smooth, flawless and add a punch of glow to wake your skin up!  Coming in several different shades, one of my personal favorite is "Sunny by Nature." Apply this to your cheekbones, bit on the nose and forehead and watch your skin do a complete 180 as it transforms. A notable thing that the VS angels are always doing is applying a bit of this highlighter to the inner corners of their eye, it adds just the right amount of pop and shine creating an almost "doe eyed" look. Super sexy and a simple trick!

 4.) Chanel, Brilliance Pur, Sheer Brilliance: $45 (Sold in most department stores)
This product has been a staple in my kit for years! Every time it's used on a client, I am usually buying it for them the next day! It gives a subtle yet glamorous glow to your face that catches light and distracts away from any imperfections. Can be used alone, or combine a little with your foundation and buff into skin for an all over dewy look. I even like to mix a bit of this in with my body lotion when wearing a dress, bikini etc! A little on the pricey side, but worth every drop as this will last for quite some time!

So there it is my angel wannabe''s all about the highlight and the bronze to achieve this coveted Victoria's Secret runway look. Stay tuned for more "angel" inspired products, as there are plenty more tricks in this beauty queens book. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!