Finding Hope....

by Christina

The first depressing realization of winter to me is always the same every single year. It is not the bare trees, crisp air or the early dark skies that signal the cold months are ahead. No, it's far more worse than that my's when I begin to notice how lack luster, pale and dry my skin begins to look around this time of year. Every winter it's the same story, staring into my bathroom mirror (best lighting naturally!) studying the dry patchy areas of my skin that were once blessed with a beautiful natural glow that only the Malibu beaches could give.  Naturally, as a beauty professional (and self proclaimed junkie) I went out in search of the top creams, lotions and potions that would revive my skin leaving it flawless, dewy and moisturized. I am happy to say, I love what i've found....Not only have these products worked for myself, i've passed these cult favorites onto several clients who I am happy to say are living comfortably (and moisturized) in these cold months ahead. Here are my top picks:

1.) EXFOLIATE! The number one (and most important in my book) key to beautiful skin in the winter is great exfoliation my friends! You can put as many heavy creams on as you want this winter, but will never get rid of the dry/dullness unless you exfoliate it off. Some of my all time favorite exfoliators are

Philosophy Cosmetics: The Microdelivery Peel $65
This innovative product resurfaces and replenishes the skin with peptides and vitamin c so skin feels significantly smoother and appears positively radiant! Trust me ladies, within minutes this weekly peel makes your skin go from gloomy to gorgeous. This product is wonderful for all skin types. Available for purchase at any Philosophy counter (Macy's, Nordstroms) shop online at or if your in the LA area, pop in and see my friends at The Philosophy Store (Montana Ave, Santa Monica)

Kate Somerville, ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment $65
This product is a longstanding favorite of such celebrities as Paris Hilton, Kate Walsh,  Molly Sims and many others. It works as a dual-action, purifying treatment that decongests, detoxifies and refines, uncovering a more polished, clear complexion. It's literally like bringing a mini Kate Somerville clinic right in your bathroom, lots of glow for less amount of money! Retails at

2.)  HYDRATE! Moisturizing the skin is key for a glowing and healthy complexion this winter. Following exfoliating, try one of these top moisturizers great for all skin:

Dermalogica, Active Moist $36-$50
This water based moisturizer and a true cult favorite is made for all skin types. It won't plug up your pores or increase the grease, it simply works to alleviate that parched feeling so you can worry about things other than dry, tight skin. With it's light texture, antioxidants to protect and silk amino acids to smooth and improve skin texture, it's a no brainer as to why this product has won top awards. Can be found online for purchase, your local beauty stop or at the Dermalogica on Montana store in Santa Monica

Philosophy,  Hope In A Jar $28
I have had a love affair with this moisturizer ever since I got my hands on it a few years ago. to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, skin discoloration, rough texture and dehydration. Not only is this an award-winning facial skin care cream, it's loaded with antioxidants, and natural exfoliants all wrapped into in a unique soufflé texture! This product is made in other forms for dry and oily skin, but in my experience...this product is the perfect blend for all!

Stay tuned for my next installment of the best beauty finds for the cold weather, until then....stay hydrated, stay healthy, and stay beautiful my friends!