Beauty Queen's Secret of the week: Lengthy Lashes

by Christina

When someone stop's to ask about my lashes, Usually the first assumption is I have lash extensions or am wearing fake's. Well my friend's I am proud to say the days of wearing MAC # 7's when I am going out, are long over.....and they have been for the past two years (with the exception of my wedding of course, that is a whole other post in the making) How did I do it you ask? Easy, and here are my two top picks for achieving lengthy, thick, kardashian-like lashes (who doesn't die for Kim's lashes? come on now...)

1.) Neulash- About $150, sold at Saks, Neiman Marcus, and online at  Neulash Website


A few years back, I was lucky enough to receive this product from one of their creators to try out. I was told to apply it nightly before I went to bed for about 3 months, and that's when the growth process would begin. Reluctant it would actually work, I agreed to try it anyway. Within about 2 1/2 months and nightly application, my lashes started growing like weeds I tell you! It was unbelievable! They had doubled in length and thickness, and looked fabulous with or without mascara on. Every time I stepped out into public, I had tons of women who would stop and ask me what kind of mascara I was using. After about 3 months it is recommended you apply the serum about every other day, and two years later I am doing it once every week or so and they still look phenomenal! It's a pricey investment, but after seeing the results it telling you ladies, it's worth EVERY penny.

2.) Cover Girl Lash Blast- About $9, sold at any local drugstore

A self proclaimed mascara junkie, even with these new big and beautiful lashes I couldn't stop wearing it. You name the brand....I have bought it, tried it and most of the time hated it! Never truly happy with choices in mascara, I am always searching for the best of the best, which led me to Lash Blast. Walking through the aisles of CVS one day, I had come across this little miracle product. Since it had just launched, I decided to purchase it. Assuming I would hate it within the first application, you can imagine my shock when I added the first coat and nearly took a second look in the mirror just to make sure those were my lashes! Ladies- when I say this mascara gave me gave VOLUME! I was floored, and with a price tag of only $9 I couldn't have been happier with this little purchase. This mascara gives you everything we all search for: incredible volume, length, thickness and dark bold lashes.

With the combination of the Lash Blast and Neulash serum, I felt I had truly hit this ongoing lash dilemma out of the park, two great products with life changing results. Now that's what I call a true Beauty Queen must have, ciao!